Woodworking machines
Wide range of high quality woodworking machines
30% discount for CMKD-20a
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Handling equipment
Machines for filling long and heavy loads such as packages of sawn timber, scrap metal, bulk cargo and sawlogs in 20, 40 and 45-foot containers without removing them from the vehicle
Line trimming edging sawn LT-1T
Wooden boards surfacing for the purpose of reception of timber of standard length

The Tyumen Machine-Tool Building Plant

Company Services
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The Tyumen Machine-Tool Building Plant manufactures woodworking machines and mechanized loading equipment. We supply our products to Lesresurs, Ugra Timber Holding, Lesobalt and other companies. The quality of the products is confirmed by the GOLDEN HERMES certificate.

Our range of products

  • Industrial woodworking machinery. We produce circular saws and multi-function cutting machines for sawing, trimming, etc. We supply single devices and production lines.
  • Equipment for mechanized loading. We produce loading tables for bulk goods, sawn timber, and sawlogs. We offer models with a feed roller and polymer plate.
  • Accessories and component parts. We supply engines, hydraulic cylinders, and reduction gears from Russian and foreign manufacturers. We produce sawing mechanisms, change gears, and rollers.

Why order from us

Principal-To-Principal Basis. At our plant, we established a complete production cycle. We manufacture cases, metal elements, and sawing mechanisms. Production without intermediaries reduces the product cost by 3-4 times.

Immediate Shipment of the Equipment. If the machine you need is available, we ship it within a working day after payment or prepayment. The terms of custom-made equipment production are subject to negotiation.

Guarantee. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase.

Maintenance Service. During the warranty period, we service and repair machines for free. We can extend the service plan after the first year of operation.

Delivery. We have our own transport fleet and can deliver the purchased equipment to your site in Tyumen. When delivering to other regions, we use services of our transport partners.

Price list

The price depends on the type of the machine, the speed and type of the operations it performs, and other parameters.

To enquire about the price and purchasing of the equipment, please call our consultants. They will advise you on whether an item is in stock or the approximate time required for its manufacturing.

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