Metal Machining

механообработка фото

Call “Tyumen Machine-Tool Building Plant” to order any type of metal machining. In the production process we use cutting, lamellar deformation and welding. The dimensional accuracy of the finished product is 0.1 mm.

Types of metal machining

To give the part a desired form, we carry out the following operations:

  • Drilling - for drilling holes;
  • Milling - for the processing of flat surfaces;
  • Lathing - for the production of cylindrical and conical parts;
  • Grinding - for finishing and reduction of surface roughness;
  • Gear shaping and gear milling - for the production of gears.

Materials we work with

  • Rolled steel up to1200 × 1600 × 1200 mm;
  • For sheet metal (up to 2000 × 6000 mm; and up to 25 mm thick) we use a plasma cutting machine;
  • We produce complex welded items up to 1250 mm long;
  • We bend sheet metal up to 3000 mm long with a force of 200 tons;
  • We weld assemblies with a length of up to 3 assembly stands; can be lengthened to 8;
  • We carry out noncontact hardening with SCR;
  • We grind flat and rounded structures.

Why contact us

We do whole cycle projects. We perform all production operations: from metal cutting to grinding finished parts. We advise on installation and commissioning.

We use modern equipment. We perform machining of parts on CNC machines, so the maximum deviation in dimensional accuracy is up to 0.1 mm.

We offer individual services. We developed and patented 2 new designs of loading tables, which are characterized by increased efficiency.

We give a 1-year guarantee. The equipment produced by the Tyumen Machine-Tool Building Plant has been in operation for more than 20 years.

Large enterprises trust us. Our services have been used by: Kata CJSC, Siberian Forest, Lesresurs, and Ugra Timber Holding.


The price depends on the amount of work ordered, the type and specifications of the products. To request a quote, please call the Sales Department.

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