Manufacturing of Non-Standard Metal Structures

изготовление нестандартных металлоконструкций фотометаллоконструкция фото

металлоконструкция изготовлениеметаллоконструкция на заказ 

завод по изготовлению металлоконструкцийметаллоконструкция на заказ

To order non-standard metal structures with a 1-year warranty call "Tyumen Machine-Tool Building Plant". We will design and manufacture units taking into account the specific requirements of your company. We accept small and large orders.

Structures we make

  • Support structures for the installation of machines, woodworking saws, and other equipment;
  • Automobile structures – bodies for transportation and unloading of bulk materials;
  • Frames for houses for industrial equipment installation, other technical purposes; temporary buildings;
  • Mobile plants and other structures.

Why working with us is profitable

We reduce the cost of our products. We do not work with intermediaries; we purchase only raw materials – bar stock. You will receive products directly from the manufacturer without dealer margins.

We do turnkey manufacturing. We carry out a range of services: turning and milling, welding and grinding, installation of metal structures.

We produce certified products. The products of the Tyumen Machine-Tool Building Plant are certified by Golden Hermes and received a Diploma of the International Exhibition "For the Best Exhibit".


The cost of metal structure manufacturing depends on the complexity of the project, the quantity and type of the raw materials used. You can request a quote while ordering. Contact our employee to calculate the final cost based on the technical design specification.

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